Dawn News Bol Bol Pakistan – September 12, 2016 with Nusrat Javed

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Bol Bol Pakistan dissects the top news of the day. Regular audience call-ins and dialogue, it is a platform for the people, a place where their voices are heard.

HOSTS: Nusrat Javeed and Gulmeenay Sethi

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Bol Bol Pakistan - September 12, 2016

Dawn News Bol Bol Pakistan – September 12, 2016 with Nusrat Javed

About Nusrat Javed:

Nusrat Javed is a Pakistani columnist and tv talk Shows anchor. Nusrat Javed began his television career with his program Bolta Pakistan on AAJ news Tv Channel. He and his co-host, Mushtaq Minhas, then moved to Dunya TV to host the talk show Dunya Mere Agay, which followed the same format as Bolta Pakistan, but later came back to AAJ TV to resume Bolta Pakistan. During the course of his career, he has written for all the leading newspapers of the country. Nusrat Javed joined BOL News as Executive Vice President & Senior Anchorperson On January 22, 2015. He joined DAWN News TV after the suspension of the BOL Network and BOL News. Javed currently co-hosts the show Bol Bol Pakistan on DAWN News Urdu TV with Gulmeenay Sethi. He also writes columns in Urdu for an Urdu daily newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt in Pakistan. Nusrat Javed was the first Pakistani Analyst to cover Indian elections in 1984 and since then, he has covered all elections held in Pakistan & India. He also has extensive experience in coverage of the conflict zones, including Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

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